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The Vandal – Echelons

Impeller drawing is as old as the course itself. As soon as the wind has free rein and the flags start to flutter between the open…

The Vandal – Exploring Borders

Explore your borders. Endless cycling on country roads, along fields and through forests. Discover and enjoy, suffer and meet the man with the hammer. Cycling…

The Vandal – Full Gas

full throttle! Drive to the hole. Cleaning the toes. Full throttle is the expression for the driver who goes to the extreme and makes the difference a bloc,…

The Vandal – History Of The Bicycle

The History of the Bicycle 2.0 is a collage and a selection from the history of the most striking and most successful bicycle manufacturers through…

The Vandal – Les Ouvriers Du Peloton

Les Ouvriers du Peloton. Which means no more or no less than “The workers of the peloton”. For endless miles they wrestle their bodies and…

The Vandal – Major Tom Premium

If we had to give our top 3 of the most beautiful cycling jerseys, the iconic Peugeot t-shirt is certainly in it. And more specifically…

The Vandal – Molteni Premium

The Molteni Arcore t-shirt is back and in premium style! The back of the shirt is 8 cm longer, so that your lower back is no…

The Vandal – Ride Like A Belgian

Ride like a Belgian, with the knife between your teeth and with your visor open. This is how we prefer to see our heroes drive. In collaboration…

The Vandal – Tête de la course

Tête de la course, nobody says it as beautifully as the French. In Dutch head of the race, the first group in the race, the breakaway,…

The Vandal – The Classics

The Classics of the monuments are a collective name for the 5 most beautiful one-day races of the season. Milan San Remo, with its 298Km the…